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Library creates bibliographies of cited papers for professors, assistant professors, researchers, according to the database Science Citation Index,  Social Science Citation Index, Arts and Humanities Citation Index or by the ISI Web of Science, which is one of the criteria for obtaining titles and projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

What does it take to get a bibliography of cited papers?  
It is necessary to provide a complete bibliography of the author in chronological order.Bibliography should be submitted to the Scientific Information and Education Department by e-mail or in person.You need to fill out an electronic form for creating a review of citations either in person or electronically (tutorial / example for writing a bibliography).

Search for individual authors' citations is conducted in a way where each paper from the bibliography is separately searched by the first author.

Payment is carried out according to the price list via an invoice or in cash (in person).For cash payment, advance payment is required.

The deadline for creating the bibliography of cited papers is up to 10 working days.If you require an emergency service, the price is increased by 100%.

To obtain a bibliography of cited papers you do not need to be a member of the University Library.

Contact: Адреса

What do you get?  A bibliography of cited papers for requested period in electronic format to your email address. It is possible to get a CD or printed bibliography as well. You will also receive an official confirmation on the letterhead of the Library with the stamp and signature of a librarian on the number of citations.

Bibliographical record of your citation will contain following elements: authors that cited you, the title of paper where the citation was made, journal title, year, and page number and which of your papers was cited.

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Author (s): Chang, WH; Shoback, D
Title: extracellular Ca2 +-sensing receptors - an overview
Source: CELL CALCIUM, 35 (3): 183-196 MAR 2004
Cited References:
ŽIVADINOVIĆ D, 2002, Endocrinology, V143, P445.

What resources for citations are available at the University Library?
The library has online access to the citation indexes since 1996 to date.
Science Citation Index: compact discs from 1980 to 1995, and printed version from 1963 to 1979 
Social Science Citation Index: compact discs from 1992 to 1995 
Arts and Humanities Citation Index: compact discs from 1998 to 1999