Milutin Milankovic

world famous scientist from Belgrade University

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Citations of works of Milutin Milankovic
according to the database of the Science Citation Index and Web of Science 1945-2008.

List of works in which Milankovic is cited in the records of the University Library is included in the exhibition catalogue.

Milankovic’s theory is today entirely accepted, his papers are cited more and more and the cyclic climate changes conditioned by astronomic factors are scientifically known as Milankovic’s cycles.

Milankovic made a list of papers written until 1944 that relate to his theory. The list contains 110 publications.

Since 1945, citation data in world scientific magazines can be found in the database of the Science Citation Index, which includes over five thousand of the most influential international magazines in the fields of natural and applied sciences.

In the period from 1945-2005 Milankovic was cited 780 times (cited papers 1945-2005). It is also of note that Milankovic published his most important works as books and that his theory has become part of the basic scientific knowledge, so there are many papers in which his theory is used without explicit citation of papers.

An international symposium entitled ''Milankovitch and Climate'' was held at Columbia University in New York from November 30th to December 04th 1982, where paleoclimatologists from around the world hailed Milankovic’s climate cycles as one of the most significant scientific achievement of the twentieth century (image of symposium participants).

Milankovic on the internet 

Milutin Milankovic is very present on the internet. If we type his name in the largest world search engine in the area of science Google Scholar, we will find links to several thousand internet presentations with data about him and his work.

There are also several thousand books that mention his theory on the same search engine.

There is in addition a very detailed entry dedicated to Milankovic in the interactive encyclopedia in English, German and Serbian.

Citations of works of
Milutin Milankovic
Milankovic and the Danube