Milutin Milankovic

world famous scientist from Belgrade University

virtual exhibition

Milankovic and the Danube

Milutin Milankovic’s life was bound to the Danube, the biggest European river. He wrote about his feelings towards the Danube: ''My entire life has been spent along this mighty river. In my youth, in the morning I would watch the Danube tearing away parts of my father’s land. I spent my student days in Vienna by it. In Belgrade, from Captain Misa’s building I would often watch the Danube in spring and autumn. In exile, in Budapest I was comforted by it. Again in my old age here I am next to the Danube.''

He often used the Danube as a metaphor: ''The Danube has, far away, in Schwarzwald, two separate sources. There, at the altitude of 1000 meters, two rivers spring, the Breg and the Brigach, and after a short flow of about twenty kilometers they merge into one river which from that point on is known as the Danube. And just as the Danube, there is also the surging river of all our knowledge and sciences which has its two separate primordial sources. The first is observation and the second contemplation, or as they are scientifically known empiricism and rationalism. All our sciences come from these two sources, those that are built on the foundation of observation and those created by contemplation''.

Thus we hope that he would have been pleased that during the exhibition dedicated to his work the walls of the library have been decorated with art photographs of the Danube by a student of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade Natasa Matovic.

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Milankovic and the Danube