Milutin Milankovic

world famous scientist from Belgrade University

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Milutin MilankovicMilutin Milankovic (Dalj 1879 – Belgrade 1958), the world famous astronomer and geophysicist, author of mathematical theory of cyclic change of Earth's climate due to insolation fluctuation, was a professor of Belgrade University from 1909. till his retirement. He graduated at High Technical School in Vienna, where he also got a Ph.D. – the first Serb who ahcieved this in the field of technical sciences; professionall engagement in civil engeneering throughout Austro-Hungarian empire followed untill 1909.

When he was entrusted with the Chair of applied mathematics of Belgrade University he has decided to move to Serbia and dedicate himself to the scientific work, which turned out to be his life long orientation. He was pure theorist in science, his only tools being paper and pen, tables of logarithms and slide rule and with these he designed a very sophisticated theory of cyclic climate change due to fluctuation of Earth’s surface insolation. He said about his life and work:


''I lived in an empire, in a kingdom and in a republic, as a free citizen, enlisted in a marriage, army and state offices. I lived through two Balkan and two World wars, in warring country each time, I was on the battlefield and a prisoner in war camp, I rested in jails, languished while internated, suffered under hostile occupation. But beside all that, I enjoyed everything pleasant and beautiful that I found by looking for it, or by running into it by chance.''

''In my scientific vocation I have found a pleasent shalter, for I was protected by it from many turbulences that shook the world. Under that roof I have prepared and equiped my scientific workshop, segregated from the wider world but in constant spiritual connection with famous scientists, I have created my scientific area, my indisputable spiritual property. In this workshop I have spent fourty years including short breaks writting and publishing my papers. ''

Milutin Milankovic was a member of Serbian Royal Academy and Yugoslav Academy of Science and Arts from 1920, he become honorary member of Matica srpska in 1927, he was vice-chairman of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts for three terms from 1948 and he was a member of Academy of Natural Sciences in Hale.

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Today he is widely recognised as one of the greatest scientiset who studied Earth ever.

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