Use of publications


Members of the Library have the right to use publications from the Library collections and to search all the databases which the Library possesses or to which it has access through the Internet. Serials, handbooks, dictionaries, old and rare books and publications obtained through the interlibrary loan system can be used only in the reading rooms of the Library. The number of publications which can be used outside the Library, as well as due return dates, differ for various categories of users and are regulated by the Rules of the Library.

The University Library has 4 reading rooms, and an Internet room.

The following are located on the ground-floor:

the general (students’) reading room, with 114 seats, has a valuable collection of reference publications and manuals, such as dictionaries, bibliographies, encyclopedias, etc.;

the reading room for periodicals, with 16 seats, and with most recent issues of current serials freely accessible.

The following are located on the first floor:

the Professors’ reading room, for researchers and Professors of Belgrade University. The reading room has 18 seats and a rich reference collection. The books from the special collections, and publications obtained through the interlibrary loan system can be used in this reading room;

the Internet room, where users can search the electronic databases from the Library collections and access the Internet through the academic network. The room has 10 seats.

The manuscript reading room is in the basement and has 2 seats.

All the reading rooms are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., except for the manuscript reading room, which is open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The interlibrary loan service in co-operation with Yugoslav and foreign libraries enables the members of the University Library to use the publications that are in the possession of libraries that the University Library co-operates with. The loan service does not include reference and serial publications. Copies of articles from serial publications can be ordered as well. Loan prices are determined based on the price list, which depends on the lending library costs, type of publication and postage costs

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