Special collections and legacies


The Belgrade University Library collection contains 26 special collections, differing in size and importance, but of great historical value, depending on their content and the persons to whom they belonged.

The Library has the following special collections of:

The following special collections are particularly valuable:

The library of Joca Vujic, one of the richest libraries for studying Serbian national and cultural history and literature, containing mostly books from the 18th and 19th centuries, and very valuable documents, manuscripts and letters, donated in 1932;

The library of Gedeon Dunderski, actually the library of the famous bibliophile Petar Stojanovic from Novi Sad; Gedeon Dunderski bought this collection from him and donated it to the University Library in 1929. The collection is important for studying Serbian national and cultural history;

The library of Miroslav Premru was bought for the University Library by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1927. It contains old and rare books on medieval history, and literature about the Renaissance and the Reformation period;

The library of Dimitrije Mitrinovic, who lived and died in London, contains books on philosophy, ethnology, anthropology, oriental studies and arts. The library was bequeathed to the University Library in 1956.

The library of Isidora Sekulic contains works of literature and literary criticism, as well as manuscripts and letters. Apart from the library, she bequeathed her paintings, furniture and personal belongings to the University Library. Her Memorial Room is situated in the reading room for old and rare books.


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