Information and Reference Activities


Information activities in the Library are for the purpose of providing the users with all kinds of scientific and special information, using the Library collection and other resources. The Assembly of the University of Belgrade decided in 1987 to form the University information system, wherein the University Library was scheduled to become the centre for scientific and special information. That same year the first modem connection was established with a database abroad.

The main task concerning information activities in the Library is to help the users find the relevant publications in the Library collections or the relevant information in databases and other accessible electronic resources. Part of information activities consists in a systematic education of users and librarians from other academic libraries in the use of classical and electronic information resources. Information pertaining to the Library collection is provided from the card and electronic catalogues.

The librarians – specialised in different scientific fields, help users to search through the specialised databases on CD-ROM discs or other electronic publications from the Library collection or through the Internet. The first acquired database on a CD-ROM disc was the Science Citation Index, from 1980 onwards. From 1996 onwards, when the project for the integration of local networks within the Library and their connection to the LOTEH segment of the public academic network was realised, users of the Library have access to all public Internet services in the Internet room.