Foursquare Check-in Special!

New Year’s surprise for the most loyal visitors of the Library: a person who is the Library’s mayor at noon of December 31st gets free membership for 2014!

University Library has many New Year’s surprises in store and free membership for 2014 is the first one in a row. The visitor who is the mayor of the University Library on the social network Foursquare ( at noon of December 31st will win free membership for 2014.

Foursquare is a location-based social network created with the idea of users “checking-in” at venues. Users “check in” at the places they visit via their smart phones. By doing this they let their friends know where they are at a particular moment and they win some points. When they win a certain number of points they can be awarded “badges”, and if a user checks in at the same location several times, they can become the “mayor”.

In addition to earning badges, virtual awards and titles, users can post photos and leave comments and tips about every location. In this way they create some sort of a public guest book.

On the other hand, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, libraries and other which take care of their visitors’ needs and follow new trends can create specials for the most loyal visitors. Via specials the aforementioned places usually offer a reward in a material world such as free coffee for the first person who visits a café in the morning or free library membership for the “mayor”.

A useful note: only one “check-in” a day counts in the competition for winning the “mayor” title. :)