EXHIBITION opening ‘Denis Diderot – 300th Birth Anniversary” on the Day of the University Library

On May 24, 2013, the University Library “Svetozar Markovic” celebrates 92 years since opening its doors to the public. On this occasion we welcome you to the opening of the Exhibition “Denis Diderot – 300th Birth Anniversary” at 11 AM.

Celebrating the Day of the University Library

On the day of St. Cyril and Methodius, May 24, the University Library “Svetozar Markovic” celebrates 92nd anniversary of its foundation, first time as a cultural institution of the national importance. This extraordinary status was awarded to the Library by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia in 2013.

By opening the exhibition “Denis Diderot – 300th Birth Anniversary” the University Library reminds us of the importance of the science and era of enlightment and stresses the traditional connection of world’s most significant thinkers and establishers of the scientific principles in the region.

About the Exhibition

The Exhibition offers Diderot’s collection of works in 20 volumes published between 1875 and 1877, his correspondence in 16 books printed between 1955 and 1970, studies on Diderot and his works by foreign and local authors, several doctoral dissertations , as well as translations of his works. Among numerous studies in foreign languages on Diderot and his works, one particular book of proceedings stands out: it contains papers from the international conference organized by the French association for studying the 18th century on the occasion of 200th years since Diderot’s death.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see some of the rare books during this exhibition, such as the first edition of Diderot’s Encyclopedia in 35 volumes which was published between 1751 and 1772 with additions from 1780. The University Library bought this edition in 1926 from Belgrade bookseller Franjo Bah. The exhibition will also show Diderot’s philosophical works published in 1772 in Amsterdam, Nicolas Antoine Boulanger’s works from 1776 that were edited by Holbach and Diderot, Diderot’s “Rameau's Nephew” in Goethe’s edition from 1811 (Goethe’s first edition of this work was published in 1805), then an interesting work in Russian “Articles from Encyclopedia” which was published in Sankt Petersburg in 1769 and mentions Turkish terms such as sultan, aga, pasha, etc. Among older editions the exhibitions offers Literary, philosophical and critical correspondence published in 1812 and 1813 that was edited by Diderot and Friedrich Melchior, Baron von Grimm and represents chronicles of Parisian intellectual life.

Danica Filipovic, the author of the Exhibition


24 - 05 - 2013